Worksite Financial Education


Why Investing in Employee's Financial Well-Being Makes Good Business Sense

More than 83% of employers state that financial advice and guidance programs can be effective in improving employee productivity. (Employee Benefit News, August 9, 2012)

During times of economic uncertainty, people recognize the need to make sound financial decisions to improve their fiscal well-being and prepare for the future.  To meet this need, broad financial education has become a desirable benefit that employers can provide for their workforce.

Eighty percent of workers in one survey indicated that workplace benefits, such as financial education, were a key factor when considering whether to accept a new position. (, June 13, 2012)

Here's an opportunity to help people in your organization learn important financial planning strategies.

The Complete Financial Management Workshop Agenda Topics Include:  Risk Management, Cash Management, Investment Concepts, Tax Management, Retirement Planning, and Estate Conservation

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